Item collection 1606417 original

Beaded Wreath Earrings


Item collection 541984 original

Earrings multi strand beaded shades of black


Item collection 541985 original

Earrings beaded tubes Rainbow Lightning


Item collection 541997 original

Earrings beaded amber brown silver


Item collection 542000 original

Earrings rose quartz


Item collection 542029 original

Beaded Cellini spiral earrings shades of blue


Item collection 542030 original

Earrings beaded red and gold


Item collection 542047 original

Beaded hazelnuts earrings - Moonlight on Snow


Item collection 542065 original

Beadwoven earrings - Rainbow Swirl


Item collection 542094 original

Snowflake obsidian chip dangle earrings


Item collection 542117 original

Earrings, multi strand beads, shades of amber


Item collection 542122 original

Earrings wood and glass beads dangle


Item collection 542142 original

Beaded helix earrings black grey


Item collection 542147 original

Beaded Cellini spiral earrings red silver


Item collection 542790 original

Earrings beaded hazelnuts Moonlight on Snow


Item collection 542805 original

Earrings beaded hazelnuts Autumn Gold


Item collection 542810 original

Blue and crystal beaded tube earrings


Item collection 542844 original

Cellini spiral beadwoven earrings greeneen


Item collection 542863 original

Freshwater pearl and red aventurine earrings beadwoven


Weaverbird Beads

Weaverbird Beads - Handmade beaded jewelry and Christmas Ornaments, limited edition and one of a kind.

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